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Panel and Service Upgrades

200 Amp service upgrade


A 200 Amp service upgrade refers to increasing the electrical service capacity of a building or home from a lower ampacity (e.g., 100 Amp) to a higher capacity of 200 Amp. It involves replacing the existing electrical panel, distribution wiring, and associated components to handle the increased electrical load.


Panel upgrades


Upgrading the residential electrical panel is a crucial step to ensure the safe and efficient distribution of electricity in your home, especially if you are planning to add more electrical appliances, install an electric vehicle charger, or if your current panel is outdated or overloaded. 

Horton Electric Ltd.
Horton Electric Ltd.


With over twelve years of experience in the electrical field we are prepared for any electrical challenge. We have fully certified master electricians available to ensure reliability and safety.

Horton Electric Ltd.

Unlimited Warranty on Workmanship

Horton Electric will fix any defect in workmanship for life.

Horton Electric Ltd.

Price Beat Guarantee

We will beat any competing estimate on the same services and materials.

Fixing Electricity Lines


How do I know if my current electrical service is less than 200 Amps?
Have a look at what it reads on the main breaker, it will have a number etched into the toggle switch. When determining your power requirements it’s a good idea to consult an electrician as they can do a demand load calculation based on what you're using in your home.

Why would I need an electrical panel upgrade?

Increased electrical demand: If you're adding new appliances, equipment, or home addition, your current electrical panel may not have sufficient capacity to handle the additional load or enough breaker spaces.

Safety concerns: Older panels, particularly those with outdated technology or known issues, may pose safety risks such as overheating or insufficient circuit protection. Federal Pioneer panels are known to not break when overloaded or even during a dead short. Federal Pioneer panels should be replaced.

How do I know if I need an electrical panel upgrade? How long does an electrical panel upgrade take?

Typically, a professional electrician can complete an upgrade within a day, although the installation will need to be coordinated with Fortis. 

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