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Core Services

  • Lights & Plugs – plug and light installation and moving to a new location

  • Ceiling Fans – Installation in new and existing locations. Metal box upgrades

  • Smoke detector systems – compliance for additions and suites. Maintenance and replacement of smoke detectors

  • Troubleshooting – Help with explaining excessive energy bills, tripping breakers, dead appliances, and switches, buzzing noises or excessive
    heat coming from the panel or device, and flickering lights.

  • Telus & Shaw – Installation of cat 6 and coax cable.  Help with improving the WIFI signal. 

  • Bathroom Fans – Remove and replace old fans. Installation of new fans

  • Renovations - At Horton Electric we consider ourselves to be renovation specialists. Whether it’s a tiny bathroom or a complete home remodel we can assist you with the design, permits, and installation that will be required for your electrical upgrade and renovation. 

Horton Electric Ltd.
Horton Electric Ltd.


With over twelve years of experience in the electrical field we are prepared for any electrical challenge. We have fully certified master electricians available to ensure reliability and safety.

Horton Electric Ltd.

Unlimited Warranty on Workmanship

Horton Electric will fix any defect in workmanship for life.

Horton Electric Ltd.

Price Beat Guarantee

We will beat any competing estimate on the same services and materials.

Fixing Electricity Lines


Does moving a plug require rewiring?
In most cases, moving a plug involves rerouting the electrical wiring to the new location. This may require running new wires, installing junction boxes, and making appropriate connections. An electrician will determine the specific wiring requirements based on the desired new location.

How much drywall cutting is required to install a new light or plug?
This depends on several factors such as access to an attic or crawl space, the new location, the power source location, the size of the electrical cable, and the type of building. We have a lot of experience installing cables in finished homes and we pride ourselves on finding the solution that requires the least amount of damage. 

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